Massey Consulting Advocate Referral Program

At Massey Consulting, much of our success has been as a result of referrals from business professionals, friends and satisfied customers who understand what we do and value our commitment to excellent service. As a token of our appreciation, we have created the Massey Advocate Program to recognize and reward you for introducing our company. Through this program, you can help us to reach out to companies who may be looking at their options to replace their current business and financial management software.

Did you know many of our customers were already using Dynamics GP (Great Plains) in their business and switched to Massey Consulting?  This program also applies for referrals of companies that are current users of Microsoft Dynamics GP who are looking for a new partner for ongoing support or assistance with new projects.

We have three levels of rewards in our program

All Advocate Referrals

All referrals by registered Advocates result in a $25 payment to the Advocate.  The referral must have a legitimate need and the funding resources to purchase a new ERP system within one year following the referral.  If the referral is an existing Dynamics GP client, the referral must be actively seeking a new partner.

Successful New Client Referrals

For any referral that results in a new Massey client, we will reward our Advocate with 5% of the first-year subscription fees or 5% of the initial on-premise purchase price, whichever is appropriate.

Successful Existing User Referrals

If you refer an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP customer that switches to using our company, you will receive an VISA Gift Card in an amount up to $250.00.  This amount is based on their annual renewal fee with Microsoft and is not payable to the advocate until the existing GP customer referred processes a renewal through Massey.

To register a referral, fill out the form below. Once we confirm your referral, we will ask you to make an initial introduction for Massey with your colleague. To qualify, each referral must be made prior to the prospect contacting Massey on their own and the prospect cannot already be listed in Massey’s system as an existing lead. In addition, the prospect must become a new Massey client within one year of the initial referral.

There is no limit to the amount of rewards you can receive under this program, and everyone is eligible to participate with the exception of employees of Massey Consulting and their immediate families.

All awards are net of any promotions or discounts, and exclude any professional services or other related offerings. Massey Advocates can receive awards in several ways:

  • Check payable to the Advocate
  • Credit toward the purchase of additional subscriptions, modules, or professional services
  • Discount applied to your referral’s purchase
  • Donation to your favorite charity

Making a referral is easy – just fill out the form to the below.  Thank You!!