Franchise Accounting Software

Managing a Thriving Franchise Organization Takes Power and Flexibility

Let’s face it, accounting for franchises comes with an entire new group of needs. The reporting nightmares, the need for access from anywhere, and the ability to integrate with other systems are just a few of your primary concerns.

Our solutions help leading franchises or franchise groups manage royalty payments, franchisee performance and overall franchise growth, analyze performance, and plan for expansion. Contact us to find out more about Intacct and Dynamics GP!

Franchise Accounting
5 Questions To Ask Your Controller

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The 5 Questions To Ask Your Controller
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Powerful Reporting By Dimension

You likely have multiple locations or stores. Some locations may be in the same geographic areas and some may be widely dispersed. Different locations will likely be under different supervisors with different sales goals, and some locations may even sell different products based on their location.

Franchise companies need an accounting system that can take data from your POS system and produce reporting that will show you profitability by location, supervisor, product line and much more. Franchise companies need flexibility to adapt their accounting system to their needs – not the other way around.

Intacct has nearly a dozen dimensions that can be used to tag transactions. Dimensions can be used to track locations, products, territories, managers and more. Unlike accounting applications that are industry specific, Intacct bends to your needs. If you want to rename or repurpose some of the dimensions to fit your franchise’s environment, Intacct will let you!

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Need access immediately to a franchise’s accounting? Headed into a meetingand need to confirm revenue or cost amounts? Cloud accounting is secure way to go. Not only can you access your data anywhere you have internet, you can be assured the data is more secure than ever. Intacct is designed to prevent unauthorized programs, systems, and users from gaining access or control of system processes, resources, and data.

Franchise Accounting

See what's happening in all areas of your operations—right now.

Intacct's powerful analytics and reporting tools let you view everything—from top-level summaries to the granular details. It’s the financial dashboard you need to gain insight into trends, compare scenarios, and make faster, more efficient decisions.

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