Nonprofit Accounting

Track Funds, Grants, Programs, Budgets, and More -- Accurately And Timely

Today nonprofit organizations must meet the demands of greater transparency and accountability while continuing to service their constituents and fulfill their mission.  The foundation of good stewardship and transparency is sound financial accounting.  The complexity of nonprofit accounting, where donor funds and grants may have particular reporting and spending requirements, can be better managed and communicated when Finance Directors have a software solution that accommodate fund tracking and management.  

Technology needs vary according to the nonprofit. Some nonprofits operate solely on contributions from private donors. Having a software product that can manage those donors is a necessity. Other nonprofits get the majority of their funding from grants; either foundation grants or more complex government grants, where solid grant management and accounting is a necessity. Most grants, particularly government grants, need to be tracked in detail; everything from managing expenses, setting up and maintaining budgets, to determining administrative overhead.

Nonprofit Accounting

What's the best accounting software solution for nonprofit organizations? Should nonprofits look for a cloud solution or opt for a solution that has built in functionality for the needs of nonprofits - like fund accounting, grant management, budgeting and forecasting and more? Why not choose one of our solutions where you get the best of both worlds?

NonProfit Accounting

Make it easy for your entire organization to access your financial system from anywhere, at any time of day. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser, so your staff can work from any location. Enable volunteers to enter time and expenses from anywhere, and provide online dashboards and reports for your donors and board members.

Our nonprofit accounting solutions feature robust, award-winning fund accounting, deep project accounting, flexible budgeting and planning, and real-time reporting and dashboards. Engage both employees and volunteers in their financial processes with built-in integration to expense management, time and billing, and purchasing management applications.

13 Questions Non-Profit Organizations Need To Ask When Buying a New Accounting Solution

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13 Questions Nonprofit Organizations Need To Ask When Buying A New Solution

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