QuickBooks Graduates

QuickBooks Graduates

Are Your Ready For Life After QuickBooks?

It’s rare to come across a business that didn’t use QuickBooks as its first accounting software solution. It’s cheap. It’s very easy to use. And, it usually case as a recommendation from your CPA, who was very familiar with how the application worked. All of which explains the 89 percent market share that QuickBooks enjoys.

Some businesses can enjoy years and even decades perfectly serviced by the functionality of QuickBooks. But then some things happen that indicate your business has outgrown QuickBooks.

Life After QuickBooks

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Moving to the Next Level: Life After QuickBooks

Signs It Is Time To Move On…

The first sign an organization is outgrowing QuickBooks is that the reporting doesn’t meet the needs of the stakeholders. After reviewing a report, questions regarding the numbers require setting up spreadsheets in order to view your data in light of a particular business issue. At first, a few extra spreadsheets aren’t a big deal. But in no time, the number of spreadsheets that need to be created and maintained mushroom. That’s just one sign that you need to move on.

The move from QuickBooks to your next accounting software solution is a tough move to consider for many reasons, but the initial sticker shock is usually enough to make any Accounting Manager, Controller, CFO or Vice President to say, “Maybe we can live with QuickBooks for a little bit longer.”

As a result, your accounting department continues to limp along, dutifully creating the additional reporting you need, but doing so manually. This takes time and the possibility of errors begins to multiply – a transposed number here, a faulty formula there – and you run the risk of making decisions on inaccurate data.

At the same time, the system performance begins to suffer; the system runs painfully slow, or worse, crashes.

Don’t Suffer Too Long!

This is an inefficient and costly way to operate a business. The truth is, the cost of investing in a system that is designed to meet your needs is probably far less than suffering with the status quo when you begin to add up the resources required to work around the deficiencies of the system.

Life After QuickBooks

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does — everybody feels it. The QuickBooks applications you have been using effectively for years are suddenly as clogged as rush hour commute gridlock. The system is running slow. Data is corrupted. More and more analysis and reporting requiring spreadsheets. You are spending more time waiting on the system or writing a new spreadsheet.

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