mConnect: The Invisible Force that Eliminates Re-Keying Between Data Systems

Many businesses need more than one application to handle all of their sensitive product management and financial data.  Ensuring that the same information retains its integrity as it moves between applications can take a toll on your time and your team.

The tedious job of entering data in ConnectWise and then again in Intacct absorbs time better spent serving your customers. It also leaves plenty of room for errors to sneak in – especially when your team has a lot on their plates.

A Seamless Bridge Between Programs

Double-entering data slows your workforce down. It erodes consistency and accuracy and ultimately leads to big errors down the road that may never get noticed until the auditors catch them.  

When you apply for a connector program like mConnect, data can pass between applications effortlessly. You erase that looming error margin and strengthen your data’s consistency by electronically populating information that needs to transition from ConnectWise into your Intacct reporting modules.

The connector forms a unique bridge between programs that works behind the scenes to maintain your data’s integrity across platforms. Inventory, entry items, customer details, and even your billing data show up where you need them to, without having to manually duplicate a thing.

Invisible and Customized Synchronization

Relying on your team to enter data twice in the system not only puts extra work on them, it can cause stress on the team members waiting for the data, and stress on you if it doesn’t get done.

Businesses that rely on real-time data and inventory need a system that moves information between systems immediately, be it in the GL, billing, or inventory – showing up in real-time or on a schedule, without having to wait for someone to enter or modify it.

mConnect’s customized data transfer and synchronization means complete control over your data because It allows you to determine what populates into Intacct, and when.

Reliable Reporting

Every time information needs to show up in separate systems, it’s another opportunity for keying errors or even absence of data.

Connector clients find from their re-keying experiences that double-entering can cause a rift in continuity and accuracy: “As soon as you’re re-keying stuff into two different systems, eventually things aren’t that consistent.”

With a connector, your team and stakeholders have their data where they need it, as soon as it’s entered the first time. That means fast, reliable reporting and quick data access from everywhere your team goes.

A Trusted Liaison

A cloud software connector ensures your data is handled across platforms. mConnect:

  • Frees your team to work their magic in the area of their expertise.
  • Puts you in control with fully customizable options for populating only the data that needs to move.
  • Ensures your data seamlessly transfers with immediacy, or on a regularly-timed schedule.
  • Invisibly works behind the scenes to transfer data in real-time, so your team members can count on the information being there when they need access to it – making meetings more productive and business growth more efficient.

Reach out to our experts who can help you get the most out of your software setup, and retain your data’s integrity, wherever it goes.  

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