Are you running ConnectWise and Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Tired of batch export/import routines, or worse, manual data entry?

Wish you could add customer information in one place and have it available in both systems?

Ready to have your ENTIRE business connected, with one place to look for what you need?

DynamicsConnect (now known as mConnect) enables real-time integration between your operations system, ConnectWise, and your accounting system. As an IT Professional Services organization running both solutions ourselves, and as a Microsoft Certified partner with the Dynamics GP competency, we are well-versed both in the needs of our peers and on the best way to address them.

Features Include:

  • Auto update/add customers with Dynamics GP
  • Auto update/add vendors with Dynamics GP
  • Auto import of invoices to Dynamics GP of closed invoices in ConnectWise (No more manual export/import!!)
  • Auto import of expense reports into Dynamics GP

To order your copy or get more information, please contact Massey Consulting at 877.875.3577, or fill out our contact form.

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I would not even know that Intacct is cloud-based without being told. It responds as fast as if it’s here on premise. The only time I can tell it is cloud-based is when I go home and am still able to access my dashboard and reports.

Veritas Collaborative
Bruce Shepard On Cloud-Based ERP
CFO, Veritas
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