Scribe Insight

Scribe Software provides configurable migration and integration software solutions to help people within an organization share critical customer data, to better focus – and take action – on critical business events.

The Scribe product family is made up of Scribe Insight, Scribe Adapters, and Scribe Templates. There are five key differentiators that make Scribe not only unique, but superior to competitors.

  • Powerful to support sophisticated integrations with point-and-click ease
  • Flexible to handle unique requirements
  • Adaptable to quickly accommodate changing business needs
  • Scalable for Mid-market through Enterprise organizations
  • Fast to take project timelines from months to days

Scribe Templates represent complete or partial data integration or migration processes that have been developed using Scribe Insight. These templates can be quickly modified to using Scribe Insight to meet the

unique needs of each company. Scribe provides a number of these Templates to customers and resellers as free downloads from the Scribe Web Community to support the successful deployment of Scribe Insight.

Scribe Adapters enable Scribe Insight to communicate seamlessly to a variety of applications, databases, messages, and files. The combination of Scribe Insight and Scribe Adapters provides unparalleled control over integration processes and eliminates the “last mile” coding required with other integration tools and platforms.

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Paul Varley, Director Product Management, Scribe talks about Scribe Online Integration Services.

Scribe Has Connectors For…

Scribe Online Intacct Connector

The Intacct Connector for Scribe Online provides a code-free interface for establishing an automated connection between Intacct and a wide variety of other systems and file types. Organizations will no longer need to know how to write code to interface with the API, nor will they have to manually massage data files into a prescribed format before importing.

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