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It seems the pace of business increases every day. To stay ahead of the competition and make the most of fleeting opportunities, you need to tap the full potential of both your employees and your business solution. At Massey Consulting, we provide comprehensive classroom training, online training and comprehensive training manuals for the system software we install. This training can help you realize additional value from your applications and provide the skills your employees need to share information efficiently, boost productivity and move your organization forward.

“Working with Massey Consulting gave me the ability to become my own IT department,” said Jill Vogin, Training Pros CFO. “I walked away with the knowledge to self-maintain my own accounting solution.”

Safety net & build wealth

Convenient and cost-effective, Massey Consulting training offerings are designed by industry experts and delivered by certified, knowledgeable training professionals. For added value, our training uses actual business data, including all customizations and enhancements, and addresses such topics as process flow, application functionality and technical design and capability.

Benefits of training with Massey

  • Enhanced productivity. Comprehensive training can help reduce the inefficiencies caused by lack of knowledge of inexperienced users.
  • Increased return on investment. As an extension of your solution investment, training both helps get your employees up to speed on new applications quickly and prevents the value of your applications from eroding over time, which helps ensure a positive ROI
  • Unparalleled convenience. Our training offerings are affordable, flexible and designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Types of Training

If you truly want to realize the full benefits of your new or current software applications, there’s no substitute for classroom training. With classroom training, you’ll not only see demonstrations, hear presentations, receive hands-on product experience and participate in classroom activities, you’ll also learn from thought-provoking discussions with other attendees. Offered either at our office or on-site at yours, classroom training is delivered by industry certified trainers who are dedicated to ensuring that you receive maximum benefits from your critical applications.

Can’t make it into the classroom for training? No problem. With online training from Massey Consulting, information-packed learning is as near as the nearest computer and telephone. Offered when it’s convenient for you and delivered by industry certified instructors, online training can help you increase your knowledge and productivity without the need to spend time away from the office.

Jump-start your learning with information-packed training manuals from Massey Consulting. These easy-to-follow, fact-packed materials help expand your knowledge of today’s most popular business applications and provide an array of time-saving and productivity-boosting tips, tricks and insights you can refer to time and again. These resources are perfect for self-study or as a complement to the instruction you receive when taking classroom or online courses.

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I have known Philip for 10 years as he provided Great Plains support to Ganymede Software and Geomagic, Inc. He is very knowledgeable of Great Plains and provides excellent customer service. Philip does a superb job in conveying ways that Great Plains can add value to the company. I recommend Philip and Massey Consulting as a great resource for Great Plains assistance.

Stacy Dunn on Great Plains
Controller, Ganymede Software and Geomagic, Inc.

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