Massey Consulting Helps the Carolina Hurricanes Score by Moving them to the CloudGet a Biscuit in the Basket

Carolina Hurricanes
"Sage Intacct is very simple to use and still has the robust capabilities needed to run our business."- Shaun Nicholson, Director of Finance at the Carolina Hurricanes

Dashboards, multi-entity reporting, dimensions, and better financial reporting were key selling points when the Hurricanes were looking at new ERP options. Massey Consulting worked with them to replace Sage Platinum ( an unsupported product line) with cloud-based Sage Intacct that provided greater flexibility for reporting, dashboards for real-time data, and a paperless office environment.

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Financial reporting to flexibility within the system were huge “must-have” items for the Carolina Hurricanes. They were struggling with Platinum due to the lack of a reliable reporting package that could produce real-time reports.


By switching to Sage Intacct, the Hurricanes gained a flexible, cloud-based system that allows them to slice and dice data to see the financial performance of the various revenue streams associated with a single event. The dashboards allow them to disseminate information quickly and effortlessly.


Moving to Sage Intacct also gave the Hurricanes an easier to use User Interface (UI) that has been one of the best benefits for their team. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the UI has allowed for a less painful transition for system users. And, the Sage Intacct UI made it easy to train new employees.

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“The implementation process went much better than I had anticipated. Massey Consulting played a big part in making the transition process as painless as possible. In hindsight, I have no regrets in choosing Sage Intacct or Massey Consulting.

Dennis Moore on Sage Intacct Implementation
CFO, Carolina Hurricanes