5 Ways Biotechs Can Increase Financial Efficiency

5 ways biotechs increase financial efficiency

Tuesday, March 19th at 2 pm ET

According to a DNA of the CFO Study, 66% of life science CFOs are unable to focus on strategic priorities because they spend too much time on compliance, controls, and costs.

That’s A LOT!

As your life science organization and business model grows in size and complexity, your finance team is scrambling to keep up with those manual, time-consuming processes that are draining their productivity.

Add project accounting, revenue management, and R & D tracking to the mix, and financial management is the arch-nemesis of your business.

Join the Dean Dorton experts on Tuesday, March 19th @ 2 pm EST to discuss how life science organizations– specifically biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs– can increase their overall financial health with cloud-based accounting technology.

In our webinar, you’ll discover how financial efficiency increases when you can:

1. Accurately track costs with automated project accounting
2. Avoid potential recall disasters by automating batch/lot tracking for R & D materials
3. Use best-of-breed integrations to unify systems that support flexible reporting
4. Streamline business processes to ensure compliance and proper revenue management
5. Use cloud technology to keep up with your scaling business