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Our User Groups are a community of organizations who are using one of our software solutions. Separate groups meet for users of Intacct and users of Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains).

This group provides a means of helping our users meet, network and learn from each other how to take full advantage of their software investments. Additionally, we provide a forum for organizations to collaborate with others using the same software; all with direct support from the software developers.

We provide a unique opportunity for member organizations to share information in a personable, non-competitive environment with a spirit of mutual cooperation. We continue to offer construction-focused content at our annual meetings, as this is still very important for many of our members.

“User Groups are a way to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their ERP solution and keeping up with the latest accounting developments. The network that is built between users is a unique space where different verticals of companies can come together and share best practices.”- Philip Massey

Joining a User Group

Joining one of our Users Groups provides many opportunities to exchange ideas and information with other member organizations using the same software platform – either Intacct or Microsoft Dynamics GP. We have found that many members know they would benefit from this type of dialogue, but are either hesitant or don’t know how to contact other organizations. The Users Group makes it not just possible, but easy for you to initiate these relationships.

Massey Consulting provides newsletters, additional marketplace partner info, monthly webinars, and events to all customers for the ERP solutions we provide.

The Intacct Community is the single source of truth for all subscribers. It’s a place where users can go to ask questions and also answer questions. There are also meetups every month scattered throughout the country for networking and learning about the newest developments in the software

Provides a place for all Dynamics GP users, developers, and partners to exchange knowledge on best practices as well as learn from each other.

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“The implementation process went much better than I had anticipated. Massey Consulting played a big part in making the transition process as painless as possible. In hindsight, I have no regrets in choosing Sage Intacct or Massey Consulting.

Dennis Moore on Sage Intacct Implementation
CFO, Carolina Hurricanes

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